Customer satisfaction is our highest priority

Nothing is more important to the success of our company than the satisfaction of our customers and our highest priority is directed to continue that satisfaction year after year. That is the CORDULAN working philosophy. And it is a philosophy which we pursue with the help of a highly-committed team, an wide range of products, and the flexibility to adapt rapidly to any changes in the market.
The company site is in CH- 5610 Wohlen, AG, with traffic favorable binding to the Swiss road system. We work together with local and international logistic partners and we have a forwarding stock in the south and in the north of Germany.


  • 1984 foundation of Cordulan Vertriebs AG
  • 1989 representative of
    Reichhold Chemie AG
  • 2002 change of ownership to K.H.Gärtner
  • 2008 preparation for REACH
  • 2009 foundation of 2nd Company in Germany Sintal Chemie GmbH (within EU !)

Business structure

  • customer specific refilling
  • confection from large to small packaging
  • warehousing, reselling
  • 95% of the business under own invoicing
  • so called transit transactions as exception only

Market segments

  • coating materials and dyestuffs (industry,construction,automotive,paper, timber,packing)
  • paints for buildings
  • adhesives
  • printing inks
  • cosmetic,pharma,food,aroma chemicals
  • detergent and cleaning agents
  • industrial-chemical products
  • waterbased artistcolours
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